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sambamba-merge - tool for merging several BAM files into one


sambamba merge OPTIONS <output.bam> <input1.bam> <input2.bam> [...]


sambamba merge is used for merging several sorted BAM files into one. The sorting order of all the files must be the same, and it is maintained in the output file.

SAM headers are merged automatically like in Picard merging tool.


-t, --nthreads=NTHREADS

Specify number of threads to use for compression/decompression tasks.

-l, --compression-level=COMPRESSION_LEVEL

Specify compression level of output file as a number from 0 to 9

-H, --header

Output only merged header to stdout in SAM format (e.g. for debugging purposes). Other options are ignored.

-p, --show-progress

Show progressbar in STDERR.