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sambamba-flagstat - getting flag statistics from BAM file


sambamba flagstat OPTIONS <input.bam>


Outputs some statistics drawn from read flags.

First line contains numbers of QC-passed and QC-failed reads. Then come pairs of numbers, the former for QC-passed reads, the latter for QC-failed ones:

  • duplicates
  • mapped reads (plus percentage relative to the numbers from the first line)
  • reads with 'is_paired' flag set
  • paired reads which are first mates
  • paired reads which are second mates
  • paired reads with 'proper_pair' flag set (plus percentage relative to the numbers of QC-passed/failed reads with 'is_paired' flag set)
  • paired reads where both mates are mapped
  • paired reads where read itself is unmapped but mate is mapped
  • paired reads where mate is mapped to a different chromosome
  • the same as previous but mapping quality is not less than 5


-t, --nthreads=NTHREADS

Specify number of threads to use for BAM decompression

-p, --show-progress

Show progressbar in STDERR